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Is it Spring Yet?

It’s almost a week into February and Spring still seems too far away. Winter fatigue is hitting hard. The novelty of hot toddies and comfort food is waning and you just want to go sit outside in the sun. The cure seems to be free booze! This week we’ll have two tastings. This Thursday evening from 6-8:30 we’ll have two Croatian wines to try. The red is called R6 from Bibich winery and it’s fantastic with lamb, stews, steaks or any hearty winter fare. Anthony Bourdain recently featured the winery when he went to Croatia and fell in love with the rustic food and wine he was served. The white is really interesting and complex but full bodied, overall it’s just lovely. You’ll also have a chance to learn more about Croatian wine and culture with the Croatian wine expert who will be pouring. Friday we’ll have a spirits tasting from 6-8:30 to keep you warm. We’re going to have the New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon open to try. It’s usually the case that beer is aged in whiskey casks but at New Holland, who is also a beer brewer, they put the whiskey back into the casks after the beer has been matured in them. Whiskey, then beer, then more whiskey! It picks up a subtle hoppiness from the maturation process. We’ll also be making winter cocktails with Bitterman’s New Orleans Coffee and Hiver Amer liqueurs.  


Next Wednesday night (2/13)  we’ll be supplying some sparkling wine for the book party for The Food Lover’s Guide to Queens, written by Meg Cotner. The party takes place at Site at 35-11 34th Ave. from 6-8 and there will also be beer from Singlecut Brewery served up. We’re so excited for Meg and can’t wait to celebrate! The book is available  for purchase through Amazon as well:



Cheers, Astoria!